Funding Processes

All awards are funded through the graduate student activity fee. This fee is intended to promote and enhance student involvement opportunities at USF. Parameters of its use are established by the Associated Graduate Students of USF. (AGUSF) 


Event Funding 

  • Available only to Gold Organizations
  • Be used towards campus events open to the entire USF community
  • Loans and grants available

Internal Development

  • Available to both Green and Gold Organizations
  • Items that will improve the organization’s leadership and development
  • Ranges from promotional items to specialized items for the organization (Ex: Table clothe and handouts to better brand your organization)
  • Typically a monetary contribution from the Student Organization is required
  • Limit to ONE application per Semester

Student Initiative Fund 

  • Available to all graduate students
  • Goes towards professional development i.e conferences, trainings, etc.  


Internal Development Eight (8) academic weeks prior to order date funds are needed
Event Development Eight (8) academic weeks prior to event date
Student Initiative Approved on a rolling basis


  • Fall Break (10/15/16 – 10/23/16)
  • Thanksgiving Break (11/19/16 – 11/27/16)
  • Winter Break (12/3/16 – 1/22/17)
  • Spring Break (3/11/17 – 3/19/17)
  • Summer Break (5/6/17 – 8/21/17)

Contact Info

Student Leadership & Engagement

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San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 422-7256 (415) 422-2898