Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that there are a number of questions that you have regarding opportunities for student organizations. 

How do I design a logo for my organization? 

All graduate student organizations are able to use the Graphics center, located in UC 418, to create their logo. Funds have been set aside for each organization to develop one logo to begin branding their organization at no cost. 

How do I design a poster for my event or organization?

Students are encouraged to make their own posters or use the Graphics Center, located in UC 418, to design their posters at $20 per hour. 

If you are designing your own poster, make sure it has the date of the event, organization sponsoring the event, and any necessary disclaimers. More information about posting resources can be found here.

How do I get my posters printed?

All graduate student organizations are allotted $40 worth of Copy Mill funds. Copy Mill is our preferred vendor for printing. If students are looking to print their posters, they can come to the Student Leadership and Engagement office and the Peer Advising Team will work on getting their posters ordered.

How do I get my posters posted?

We recommend that students order their posters in numbers of 8, 16, or 93, as those are our designated posting numbers. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 8 posters → posted on 8 campus bulletin boards

  • 16 posters → posted on 8 campus bulletin boards + 8 residence hall lobbies

  • 93 posters →  posted on 8 campus bulletin boards + 8 residence hall lobbies + given to 77 resident advisors to post on their floors in the residence halls

Students are also welcome to print their own posters, but SLE can only accept them in the above quantities for posting.

When will my posters be posted?

Once SLE has received the posters, SLE’s marketing team sorts and hangs them on one of the posting days (Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday). We recommend that students bring their posters to SLE at least three weeks before they need to be up. This will allow for about two weeks for the posters to be on the boards.

How do I start a new organization?

Starting an organization is easy! Check out all the steps here.

What organizations are there on campus?

An easy way to check out all of our organizations is to browse them all here.

How do I get involved with an organization that we have on campus?

Once you have found an organization that you like through our website, all you have to do is click through to that organization’s OrgSync portal (or just search them on OrgSync). Once you’re on their page, there will be contact information for the top three officers of that organization, so you can reach out to them for more information on how to get involved! 

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